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What does the entertainment district do to combat sexual harassment?

Following the wave of testimonies of sexual violence in the nightlife area of Brussels, the City of Brussels launched a new action plan "Nothing without my consent" in February. The action plan contains 77 measures to combat sexual harassment and violence. In the meantime, many nightclubs have signed up to this action plan.

The flowchart above shows what you can do if something happens to you while you are out partying. The idea is that if something happens to you in one of these clubs, you immediately know where to go. The flow chart is made up out of three questions: What happened to you? Where are you? Where can you go for help?

In the techno club Fuse, there is a three-person awareness team walking around every night, who you can talk to in case of an emergency. They can guide you to a safe zone with beds, drinks and snacks where you can relax. At the entrance of nightclub C12 there is a physiognomist who talks to the visitors and makes them aware of the fact that C12 is a safe space and if something happens you can go to the helpdesk all night long. This flow chart gives an example of two leading clubs in Brussels but this could be extended to all party places in the capital.

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